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Building Engineering Consultants, Inc.


It takes a special effort to stay on the cutting edge of the ever changing engineering technology of concrete restoration. BE-CI is such a firm. We not only educate our engineers in the basics of investigation, evaluation and repair analysis; we also provide them with modern non-invasive equipment to use in their field investigation. Our objectives are to provide our clients with the most effective means to obtain maximum longevity and structural integrity in their concrete restoration project. BE-CI has won Awards of Excellence from the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) for the major rehabilitation of a multi-building complex following a major hurricane. We won a second award on the same project several years later in the category for “Longevity” when zero failures were reported.


The three services, performed in the order presented, will save the Owner, Management Company, or Association far more than they will cost. BE-CI takes pride in customizing its efforts to make each of these services unique and effective. We utilize our state of the art equipment, skills, and experience to produce reliable Condition Surveys. We produce our Reserve Studies based on factual conditions observed and rely on out experience to provide the expected service life performance. Our deferred Maintenance Plan is created from the data collected in our condition survey and the funds available as scheduled in our Reserve Studies. BE-CI offers all three services, including annual inspections as a complete service package that allows our fees to be budgeted and funded monthly over the life of the plan.


As an engineering firm, we are seldom asked to look at well maintained buildings. Instead, we normally find a complex with no maintenance plan of any kind or one that has been on the shelf where it was placed the day it was delivered. A majority of the maintenance crews we observe are totally reactive to the problem of the day and show little interest in performing any preventative maintenance. Our firm can prepare a comprehensive, structured preventative maintenance plan with schedules and budgets to ensure all key building envelope components are proactively maintained. In addition, our plans and schedules are integrated with all material and system warranties so covered repairs are performed by others at no additional cost to the owner.

Recognizing the true value of a comprehensive, practical maintenance plan, we also understand the critical points that must be covered to make a plan effective. The BE-CI plan provides the missing links that make our three year plan work. We provide the third party construction observation that ensures that in-house scheduled inspections and required repairs or replacements take place as scheduled. To develop your plan, we will provide an Initial Condition Survey that covers all critical building components and a Reserve Study with the estimated costs and cash flow budget. With this data, along with our Annual Condition Inspections, we are able to fine tune the maintenance schedules and budgets to keep our plan current. Even the cost for our services are put into the budget and calculated into the reserves. We offer to bill for our services on a monthly basis for the life of the plan.